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Hello goblins and ghouls and welcome to My Haunted Life Podcast. the podcast for all things paranormal and the history behind the legends. I’m your host, Angela Hartshorn.


Robert the Doll

On this week’s episode we are delving into the history of one of the most famous haunted dolls in the world, Robert the Doll. This one has always given me the heebee jeebees. Maybe because it’s relatable. Robert has been to blame for people losing their jobs, relationships, deaths, and all sorts of mishaps. He…

Screaming Bridge

On this week’s episode, I’m taking you to the Screaming Bridge in Arlington, Texas, a creepy out of the way spot known to the locals as a place to hear disembodied screams from long dead teenagers who died on the road. Local legend states that some kids were out celebrating a football game win one…


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Meet Our Host

Angela Hartshorn

Angela Hartshorn has been into the paranormal from a very early age, since she grew up in a haunted house. She grew up telling her family about a little girl in a red-checkered prairie dress and no one believed her. Not until a random woman her father worked with was hit by lightening and suddenly became able to see ghosts. One day she described the exact spirit Angela had told him about for years and he was floored. Since then Angela has been obsessed with hearing about as many paranormal experiences as possible.

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