Christmas Witches

This week I’m doing an episode inspired by my friends Andrew and Chris at Cronk Art and Curiosities. They were recently traveling in Europe, Italy in particular, and ended up at Christmas Market. As their story goes, they were wandering the stalls and they came across this table of nutcrackers and santas and at the end of the table were a bunch of witches and they had to buy me one. I lost my mind and got really excited for my little La Befana so I thought a fun holiday episode about Christmas witches was called for. I’m going to tell you about Gryla, Frau Perchta, Holda, Grye-Carling, and La Befana. 

So lets get into shall we? Grab yourself a cup of tea, make sure the doors are locked and the sage is close by. I have a story to tell you.

Warning some graphic disembowelment will be discussed! 

Gryla from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Frau Perchta
Frau Holle
Holda from Hansel and Gretel
La Befana


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