Salem Witch Museum Part 1

On this week’s and next week’s episode I’m talking to Rachel Chris-Doane, Director of Education of the Salem Witch Museum. You know the one in the beautiful castle looking structure, that was actually featured in FallOut 4. I still can’t believe I got her on my little ole podcast. As you all know I’m a bit of a history nerd, and Rachel absolutely annihilated most of what I thought I knew and taught me so many new things I had no idea about. I have been raving about this interview since it has happened. And I’m so excited to finally get it out to you. We talked long enough that I’m actually going to break it into two episodes so prepare for the first half. 

So lets get into shall we? Grab yourself a cup of tea, make sure the doors are locked and the sage is close by. I have a story to tell you.  

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