Screaming Bridge

On this week’s episode, I’m taking you to the Screaming Bridge in Arlington, Texas, a creepy out of the way spot known to the locals as a place to hear disembodied screams from long dead teenagers who died on the road. Local legend states that some kids were out celebrating a football game win one night when they collided with each on the bridge. This seemed reasonable enough for me since football, especially high school football, you know, all of that Friday Night light stuff, is a big deal down in Texas. Apparently the area is now imprinted with the kids dying screams and legend has it that if you stare into the river where the car went in at midnight you can see the graves of those killed. This was all I knew about it going into this adventure. I’m doing something a little different this time. This time I’m going to be giving you the history, and then as an extra special treat, I will have the one and only Rayne on to discuss our adventures. I even have a little bit of video to share on the website. 

So lets get into shall we? Grab yourself a cup of tea, make sure the doors are locked and the sage is close by. I have a story to tell you.  

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